Q: Is this a traditional Powwow ?

A: No, we are a festival so we are not as formal as a powwow, but we have many of the same activities including traditional dancers and drumming as well as contemporary Native Music and primitive skills demonstrations. We will be having intertribal dancing and everyone is invited to join in at that time.

Q: Will there be food available ?

A: Yes, we will have many traditional Native foods like frybread, Indian tacos and buffalo burgers as well as more common fair food like burgers and hotdogs.

Q: Are dogs allowed ?

A: Yes, as long as you keep them on a leash and pick up after them.

Q: Can we dress up as Indians for festival ?

A: No, while we understand some people like to dress as people they admire, the outfits ( Regalia ) Natives wear are not costumes and it is considered disrespectful to wear a costume to such an event.

Q: Is there additional charge for parking ?

A: No, parking is free

Q: Do the vendors take credit cards ?

A: The majority of vendors do take card, but we will also have ATMs on premises.

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